Ephemeral insertions, observations …

Slice / Life

(annoyances, episodes):

MonstersWilliamsburg (Brooklyn)Needing AttentionHer JoySpun, HelplessNY Night (mid-70s)Work DaysFaintingNeed to KnowDisgustingExterminatorDinerNew Season(ed)Smacked DownI’m Not The MonsterViolatorPower KicksAuthorities … TGI…OnceBother(ed)(Crash) LandingJust Got HereCould…?Coffee SoundsDisturbanceSafe Already


Ich bin das Walross.  Das ist ein Klemmer!

Etwas Süßes für den Bürgermeister ;) ?

Jeff Glovsky

is a writer, photographer, live sound engineer, av / presentation support specialist and a dedicated business partner, consultant and entrepreneur.  He has been called other things.  You should not believe … not ever, no!  Completely free up Amsterdam in holy midnight sleep sex hour

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