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(Crash) Landing

by Jeff Glovsky

The crisp air snaps pretty and mightily…Through my teeth, I can feel it slice my skin.  Icy tingles, tense nerve endings, terrible shivers…

I ask how you can wear a skirt.

You ignore me.  That’s your prerogative.  You cross your thighs, apply some makeup…Purse your lips and paint and blush.

We rise when the boat docks (you uncross your thighs)…I say, “Have a nice day.  Keep warm (or try)!”

You smile dryly.  “Thanks,” you sigh, and rush off.

…your prerogative.


About Jeff Glovsky

Dividing his time between New York City and Munich, Germany, Jeff Glovsky is a Writer, Photographer, business partner / entrepreneur and AV / presentation support guy with a live sound engineering background.