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Needing Attention

by Jeff Glovsky

She stumbles down the street, she’s drunk a little … Got her night clothes on.  Dressed tightly, nightly … Mumbling to herself, and looks pissed off a little.

… At least, I rejoice, she’s not selfishly bugging her friends on some terrible cell phone.  I threw mine away!  “Smart” rings and tones … invasive temptation to need, and cling …

I sing!

Now she seems to be stumbling alone

Without warning, she shoulders around to face me.  “Are you following me?” she fairly howls.

Scared, I actually start a little … Catch my wits, and sidle up to her.  “Am I following you?  No, why?” I ask.

“Stop staring at my ass!” she grins, half mumbles to herself …

About Jeff Glovsky

Dividing his time between New York City and Munich, Germany, Jeff Glovsky is a Writer, Photographer, business partner / entrepreneur and AV / presentation support guy with a live sound engineering background.